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Samunsa's Sip & Swig Cherry Blossoms - Black Ceramic Mug, 15oz

Samunsa's Sip & Swig Cherry Blossoms - Black Ceramic Mug, 15oz

SKU: 23336221451340846930
$22.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price

'Samunsa's Sip & Swig Cherry Blossoms' Special Mug: Dive into a whirlpool of memories, music, and maybe a touch of mischief with this exclusive Samunsa-inspired mug. As robust as our shared tales over boozy nights and as deep as our shared tunes, this 15oz vessel is more than just ceramic.

It's got the vibrancy of our favorite jam sessions, the serenity of the ocean we adore, and the capacity to hold enough caffeine to fuel our endless chats. The glossy finish? As shiny as Samunsa's dreams of swapping the Colorado mountains for Oregon's shores – and trust us, that's saying something. Its sturdy C-shaped handle? Ready to weather even our most dramatic tales.

Lead and BPA-free, just like our friendship – no toxicity here! And let’s not forget Lyric – while he can't fit inside, he'd surely wag approval at our elegant taste. Here’s a toast to ‘Samunsa’: the legend who might be oceans away but is always just a sip (or swig) away in spirit. Perfect for those who love their brews, be it coffee or something a tad stronger!

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